Super Trapped!

Our Super Hero Escape Room Takes Fun to a New Level

Have you always wanted to be the super hero of your own storyline? In our Super Hero Room, you’ll race against the clock to defeat your arch nemesis. But be careful! He lured you in there with a trap, so more traps may linger! In this room you will:

  • Gather clues
  • Crack the code
  • Escape to save the day

Become A Super Hero!

Escape Nevermore

Are you afraid to be trapped in Poe’s mind?

Edgar Allan Poe once visited Somers Point while trying to write a tale about the Jersey Devil, but things went strangely in his writing room. Was it all in his head or were his story ideas coming alive in the room? No one has been able to stand staying in the room for more than an hour. Will you face the room to find his missing manuscript?

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Search For Intelligent Life

Somers Point, NJ: Will You Join the Galactic Council?

An alien life form has put earthlings up to the test. In order to join their galactic council, we must prove our intelligence. Join forces with your human friends and family to take on the challenge. Decipher the clues and follow the guides to earn your spot on the galactic council and become an ally to the alien universe. But you’ll have to be quick, the “human habitat” the aliens created for you will only last for an hour!

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