Rooms on The Road

Want to escape from a puzzle, but can't come to us?
Have a room come to you!

Perfect For Fundraising Events Or Weekend Parties!

You provide the space for the player to play in. We provide the puzzles and a gamemaster to provide helpful hints. Forget bake sales! Try using a room escape as a fundraiser event for college clubs, sports teams or other activity groups looking for an original way to raise money.

Hosting A Weekend Gathering With Lot's Of People?

Rooms on the road are great for family reunions or birthday parties. Teams can compete against each other for the bragging rights when they have the fastest time.

Spell Bound

Trapped in a room with a ghost? Grab your brave friends or family members for an hour of fun! Search a witch’s house for clues on how to banish the ghost in this Halloween themed adventure.

Family Friendly Version Available

Game Night Gone Wrong

Game night competition has reached a new height! See if your team has what it takes to be the big winner!

Apartment Arrr

Does X mark the spot? See if you can find Baldbeard's treasure!

More Traveling Rooms - Coming Soon!

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Quotes are based on a daily rate or weekend rate, and on distance from Room For Escape’s home base in Somers Point, NJ.
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