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Apartment Arrr

Our Apartment Arrr Escape Room Takes Fun to a New Level

Apartment Arrr is a pirate-themed room where you and your crew try to recapture the treasure from Captain Baldbeard. Does X mark the spot? Play to find out!

Arrr you up for it?

Cele-Break Out!

Are you ready to Cele-Break Out?

A mad party planner thinks your cat, Mr. Riddlesworth, has been spying on his party. He has taken the cat prisoner and it threatening to turn him into a piñata! You’ll have to uncover this planner’s secret plans and codes to find the way to free your cat. But once you’re inside this celebration room you’ll be locked inside unless you find the key to escape. And we only have one hour until the planner returns….

Note: A few puzzle answers could be customizable for special events (birthdays, weddings, graduations, etc.). Contact info@room4escape.com for a form to customize the party puzzles. This form must be returned 48 hours before the reserved game.

Let's Party!

Super Trapped!

An evil villain has created doom machines that can destroy the world. Your super team has one hour to deactivate them and save the day! Are you up for this SUPER challenge?

Super Book

15 Minute Rooms!

Only have a short time at the mall? Pop in for a quick challenge!

15 Minute Rooms are Walk-In Only and cannot be booked in advance

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